RSPCA's Million Paws 500 Club

I'm the official masseur to the RSPCA's Million Paws 500 Club

5/4/20191 min read

I was invited to attend the 2018 Million Paws walk event at Olympic Park, not to join in the walk, but to be the 'official canine masseur' and look after the dogs of the Million Paws Club VIP's. The club is for people that have raised over $500 and had a separate marquee at the event. There was plenty of tasty human food as well as a selection of doggie treats, seats and bean bags to relax. I was set up along with a lovely lady who gave the humans a head and shoulder massage whilst I attended to the canines. The morning was fresh, but warmed up nicely as the sun came up into a clear blue sky. I had a magical day chatting with many people and connecting with lots of wonderful dogs (see some below).